Critical Thinking and Social Media: An Argument for Learning Communities
D. Randy Garrison
March 13, 2018
With all the attention focused on "fake news" I began to think about how the principles and processes of the CoI framework might be relevant to this issue. The attached paper (abstract below) is an exploration of the relevance and impact such an approach ... Read the full editorial »

Designing a Community of Inquiry
D. Randy Garrison
January 2, 2018
In this first post of the New Year I will focus on creating an effective community of inquiry. This is the teaching presence responsibility to design a purposeful, collaborative and trusting community of learners. When we turn to the Read the full editorial »
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The Impact of Teaching Presence
D. Randy Garrison
November 27, 2017
I have described teaching presence as the essential element of a community of inquiry that sustains a purposeful collaborative inquiry learning experience. Moreover, research has supported the theoretical claims of the Community of Inquiry (CoI) ... Read the full editorial »

Other Presences?
D. Randy Garrison
October 24, 2017
The focus of this post is an examination of two recent articles that suggest adding a fourth presence within the Community of Inquiry framework. This issue of adding a fourth presence (learner or learning presence) emerged from the work of Shea et al. ... Read the full editorial »

Social Presence and Interdependence
D. Randy Garrison
October 2, 2017
In this post I wish to draw your attention to the violation of one of the basic assumptions of the Community of Inquiry framework. It is my view that some studies do not fully appreciate the theoretical implications of the framework with regard to the ... Read the full editorial »

Cognitive Presence and Critical Thinking
D. Randy Garrison
September 5, 2017
I would like to continue my consideration of cognition in a community of inquiry with an examination of the foundational literature associated with critical thinking. A recent examination of the Cognitive Presence construct by Jens Breivik (2016) ... Read the full editorial »
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Cognitive Presence in a CoI
D. Randy Garrison
July 31, 2017
The focus of the Community of Inquiry framework is thinking and learning collaboratively. At the heart of this shared learning experience is the cognitive presence construct which incorporates the personal and shared dynamics of reflection and discourse. ... Read the full editorial »

CoI and Learning Outcomes
D. Randy Garrison
June 19, 2017
The topic of this post is to explore the issue of learning outcomes and the Community of Inquiry framework. This is significant and interesting in that the CoI framework is not based on outcomes directly but instead the process of practical inquiry and ... Read the full editorial »

CoI Relationships
D. Randy Garrison
May 25, 2017
Kadir Kozan (2016) provides us with a significant piece of research that provides important insights with regard to the relationships between and among the presences of the CoI framework. This research builds Read the full editorial »
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Confirmation Bias and Fake News
D. Randy Garrison
April 3, 2017
Our goal with this Blog is to raise ideas and attempt to resolve issues associated with thinking and learning collaboratively in a purposeful community of inquiry. I would like to initiate this Blog with a discussion on the topic of confirmation ... Read the full editorial »
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Norm Vaughan on Designing a Community of Inquiry
1 month ago
Hi Randy, Just to build on your editorial about designing a Community of Inquiry - here is a reference to a paper I wrote a few years ago about this topic in terms of blended and online learning environments. The key for me was a clear alignment between learning outcomes and assessment activities in the design ...

D. Randy Garrison on Designing a Community of Inquiry
1 month ago
Charan, I read your post with some interest. I was not surprised to see that the IQT comments were so high. It certainly speaks to the power of inquiry. BTW I like you phonetic interpretation of inquiry :) I encourage you to continue to explore CP as this goes to the core of the framework. The only caveat I would ...

Charan on Designing a Community of Inquiry
1 month ago
Inspired by Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework when introduced to it in September 2015, at my University, I designed a project. I am struggling better understanding the project and trying to promote if it has some merit. I would appreciate inputs from the CoI to please help me evaluating and possibly implementing ...

D. Randy Garrison on Cognitive Presence and Critical Thinking
4 months ago
Thanks to Jens Breivik for taking the time to respond to my editorial about the cognitive presence construct and critical thinking. Such critical analysis gives me the opportunity to clarify important features of the CoI framework. Jens basic point is that the cognitive presence (CP) construct has weak validity. ...

Jens Breivik on Cognitive Presence and Critical Thinking
4 months ago
Is progress through the phases of an inquiry process a construct-valid operationalization of cognitive presence? First, I would like to thank you for the comments on my article and the opportunity to discuss further the validity of the cognitive presence construct. I agree with D. Randy Garrison that the value of ...

kadir on CoI Relationships
9 months ago
Dr Garrison, Thanks a lot for all those informative comments and I agree completely. Speaking of our work, one critical aspect is that data collection occurred towards the end of (online) semesters thereby mainly telling us about presence relationships at that time. The findings seem to be in line with the dynamic ...

D. Randy Garrison on Confirmation Bias and Fake News
9 months ago
Thinking and learning collaboratively is both a great benefit and challenge. The CoI framework addresses the benefits of discourse to test ideas as well as the means to introduce new lines of inquiry (divergent thinking). Notwithstanding that the dynamic of a CoI is focused on an educational environment, the critical ...

Lisa Marie Blaschke on Confirmation Bias and Fake News
10 months ago
Susan, I really like your approaches to establishing a bond of empathy and trust with students, and I try to do much the same with my students, especially relying on student profiles as a basis for understanding and interacting with students and assessing their work. The individual Skype call is an approach I have not ...

kadir on Confirmation Bias and Fake News
10 months ago
thank you all for all these valuable insights....All these points reminded me of 3 things I used in one of my grad courses this semester: 1) Few stunning paragraphs from the following website: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/03/opinion/sunday/why-we-believe-obvious-untruths.html?_r=0 "What really sets human ...

Tanya Beran on Confirmation Bias and Fake News
10 months ago
Thank you Randy and Norm for the invitation to post to this blog. Conformity research and its related topics – confirmation bias, group think, social pressure, and on and on – continue to surprise us. Even with 60 years’ worth of publications it is still incredible to think that our reasoning is not objective, ...
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