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                Thispost builds on a previous post regarding the outcomes of a community of inquirylearning experience (July 2018). Notwithstanding the encouraging findingsaddressed in the previous post, I suggested at the time that this is animportant topic requiring further research. As such I was very pleased to see severalrecent articles that focused on outcomes in collaborative learningenvironments. The first article by Sofer and Cohen (2019) looked at completionof an online course and pass/fail outcomes. They concluded that engagement significantly predicted bothcompletion and success. ...


The project (March-December 2018) analyzed the educational practices in 25 courses delivered at UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), Spain, using the"Community of Inquiry" (CoI) framework. The aim was to set recommendations based on the analysis.

We have translated, adapted and validated the CoI survey in a Spanish version. 

The project was approved in the II Call for Educational Innovation Projects for Teaching Innovation Groups at UNED (resolution published in March 12, 2018).

The survey and the validation process have been published in a Spanish scientific journal: 

  • Ballesteros Velázquez, Belén, Gil-Jaurena, Inés & Morentin Encina, Javier. (2019). Validación de la versión en castellano del cuestionario ‘Community of Inquiry'. RED-Revista de Educación a Distancia, 59, 1–26. Art, 4. Retrieved from
The first results have been published in Spanish:

  • Gil-Jaurena, I. ...



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Success in a CoI Environment
D. Randy Garrison
May 13, 2019

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