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Haruni Machumu
ORGANIZATIONMzumbe University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel
PROFESSIONResearcher and instructor

Haruni Julius Machumu (PhD) is a Senior lecturer in teacher education based at Mzumbe University, Tanzania. His research interest focuses on educational technology, ICTs in education, learning approaches, quality and inclusion education, gender-based education, blended learning and e learning. He has a wholehearted interest in digital learning skills, educational research methods and quality assurance in education. He is currently leading the department of Educational Foundations and Teaching Management where he oversees all department functionalities. He has engaged in local and international collaboration projects and programme. He has worked as visiting scholar at the University of Gävle (Högskolan i Gävle), Sweden via Linnaeus Palme International Exchange Programme., and Erasmus+ Staff and Students Mobility Programme at Tampere University, Finland. He is coordinating a research-based platform related to Africa-Asia University Dialogue for Educational Development” Network (A-A Dialogue) at Mzumbe University. He is also an active member of several research and action-oriented projects funded by VLRIOUS (IUC 2019 Phase 2 MU-T) – “Strengthening Institutional Capacity in Teaching, Research, and Community Outreach Services Through Social Innovation Methods” and European Union at Mzumbe University. His is a project team member of a collaborative project titled “Sustainable Digital Education for Refugee Children in East Africa” between Kyambogo University, Kenyatta University and Mzumbe University.

e-learning, blended learning, educational leadership, social and teaching presence, constructivist-based blended learning environments.

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