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Ibrahim Garba · 4 days ago
Hello everyone from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!
I'm a Higher Education doctoral student at University of Liverpool in good old United Kingdom 馃挄! I look forward to sharing part of my thesis with you. I'm looking at ways to improve teaching and learning using the CoI framework 馃憤.
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Lintang Matahari Hasani · 1 month ago
Hello everyone, warmest greetings from Indonesia!
I'm a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia. I am looking forward to contribute in the implementation of CoI, especially in the fields of computer science education. I am excited to be a part of this amazing community! ^^
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Kristin Millard · 2 months ago
Hi, everyone. I am a Higher Education Leadership doctoral student at Maryville University in St. Louis, MO. My dissertation is a mixed-method study on the persistence of international students who study online while living in their home countries. I am using CoI as my framework. I am just beginning my research, and I am curious if the CoI survey instrument has been adapted to a universal application rather than applying to one specific course.
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Diana Gobin · 2 months ago
Greetings for my native land, the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in South America. I am a lecturer at the University of Guyana in the School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation. I have been teaching for fourteen years in higher education. I look forward to the connections formed through this CoI.
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Tristan Cui · 2 months ago
Hi all, I am from Monash University in Australia. I have always been interested in the application and research of the CoI framework since I read about it several years ago. Just submitted my first journal article related to CoI. I am looking forward to meeting colleagues and learning more about the current research in this area.
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Valarie Kerr-Davis · 3 months ago
Hello everyone, I am from a beautiful island in the Caribbean named St. Lucia. I am an Elementary teacher for twenty-four years. I enjoy doing online classes and always look forward to learn something new. I am looking forward also to meet persons from all across the world here so we can share common interests and goals.
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Dr Tommie Hamaluba · 2 months ago
Nice meeting you too. I am Dr Tommie Hamaluba from Botswana Open University's centre for Open Schooling where I serve as a programme Developer. I look forward to meeting many colleagues, especially those attached to any Open Schooling Environment.
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Timothy Berg · 4 months ago
I am currently working at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico-San Antonio, a satellite education institute of Mexico National University. However, I have just started an online EdD in Organizational Leadership at the University of Dayton-Ohio and working on my research project for Research Methods. I discovered this CoI framework through Timonen et al (DOI: 10.1177/1834490921991430) in which they built off the CoI framework to develop a preliminary model of Coaching Pedagogy for Synchronous Collaborative Online Learning. The intent is to conduct action research at UNAM using CoI and the CPSCOL frameworks to evaluate its effectiveness.
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Wawan Krismanto · 1 year ago
Hi everyone, i am lecturer and doctoral student from Indonesia. I am interested on online teacher professional learning. I am really excited to see someone with a similar research focus. I will investigate are basically designed using the CoI framework in the Indonesian teachers online leaning communities. I am excited to be in this group!
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Jean Smith · 1 year ago
Hi! I am a baccalaureate nursing instructor at Red Deer College and a student in the Athabasca University Doctor of Education in Distance Education (EDDE) program. I am passionate about educating novice nurses about rural acute care nursing and generating knowledge about how professional development in a blended learning format supports rural acute care nursing practice.
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Lora B. Pezzell · 1 year ago
Hello everyone! My name is Lora Pezzell. I am an instructional designer at the University of Central Oklahoma, in Edmond, Oklahoma. I am passionate about helping faculty design online courses with humanizing and pedagogies of kindness. I am excited to be in this group!
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Michellea Millis · 1 year ago
Greetings and Salutations everyone! Excited to be a member of this community!
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Steve A. Solano · 1 year ago
Hi! My name is Steve. I'm from the Philippines but currently teaching in Seoul, South Korea. I'm now using the CoI framework for my AR project.
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Andrea E. Blair · 1 year ago
Hi Everyone!
My name is A.E. Blair. I am an educator and doctoral student in the United States. My current research focus is Online Math Instruction in grades 9-12 during Covid and am use CoI as my theoretical framework. I am interested in a qualitative approach and qualitative instruments that can be used for focus groups and/or interviews.
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Suzanne Szucs · 1 year ago
I am an educator and Faculty Online Training facilitator at Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester MN. With a MFA in studio art (photography), I have taught in the arts since 1995. In 2018 I was awarded an MS in Technology Integration from St. Cloud State University and have been using my training to further the online education experience for students and faculty at my institution. I developed the Faculty Online Training (FOT) course as faculty development, which came in particularly handy when CoVid forced all instructors online. My goal is to encourage community amongst faculty to lift up our collective skill sets.
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Carla Samuel · 1 year ago
Hello! I am a Master's student interested in investigating the CoI framework using chatbots. I am interested in extending the studies of the CoI in imaginative ways to help student motivation and persistence in distance education and online environments.
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William Flynn · 1 year ago
Hi, I'm a doctor and anatomy educator from the UK, and recently published an account of how our department applied the CoI framework when moving our teaching online due to the pandemic:
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Ozlem Uzun · 1 year ago
My name is Ozlem from Turkey. I am an English teacher and have been doing my job for 19 years. I finished my MA in July, 2019 and doing my PhD in distance education and love doing research and learning. My research interests are material and course design, learning communities, language teaching and educational psychology. Searching and learning about CoI and Covid time made me think that 21st century skills are essential and there is no time or space barrier anymore.Happy to be here.
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Lorelei Hanson · 1 year ago
Hello everyone. I found this network site through taking a MOOC in Quality Graduate Supervision. I am an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Human Geography at Athabasca University, where well before COVID I was teaching entirely on-line. Some of my interest in this community arises out of my on-going learning and integration of an andragogical approach to course development and evaluation in my courses. I am interested in how this can be integrated with a CoI approach.
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Elizabeth A. Ebersole · 1 year ago
Hello! I am a doctoral candidate in Seattle Pacific University鈥檚 Digital Education Leadership EdD program. My research interests include technology infusion at all levels of education and especially how teacher education programs are preparing preservice teachers to successfully evaluate and use technology in their future classrooms. Right now I am completing my dissertation, which will focus on faculty and student response to emergency remote online learning during COVID-19. I am using the CoI framework and survey for my study. All thoughts and advice welcome!
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Andrea E. Blair · 1 year ago
Hi Elizabeth,
I am currently researching a similar focus. I am completing my dissertation with a focus on teacher perception of their online instructional practice during Covid-19. Do you have any suggestions or tips for a qualitative approach and building a qualitative instrument for focus groups? I am really excited to see someone with a similar research focus.
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Niki Raga Tantri · 1 year ago
Hello everyone! I am Niki Raga Tantri. I am an online tutor at English Literature Department, Indonesia Open University, namely Universitas Terbuka. I was introduced to CoI Framework when I learned it in a workshop for a MOOC online facilitator in my country in 2017. It was fascinating since the framework is suitable with the condition for distance learning styles compared to the other framework. I am very excited to learn in depth about CoI framework and hopefully we can collaborate together regarding the development of CoI framework toward distance learning.

Best wishes,
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Obasesam Okoi · 1 year ago
My name is Dr. Obasesam Okoi, an Assistant Professor of Justice and Peace Studies. I specialize in post-conflict peacebuilding policies and practices, and the connection between technology, social justice and peace. I would be teaching Intro to Justice and Peace Studies in Fall 2020 using a CoFlex synchronous model. I will be incorporating the CoI model in my teaching.
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Dr. Travis Taylor · 1 year ago
My name is Dr. Travis Taylor. I am an instructional technology specialist in Little Rock, Ar. I provide professional development and technology integration support to teachers and administrators. I was introduced to the Community of Inquiry Framework during my doctoral studies. I am interested in developing professional development for teachers to respond to the need for blended learning design.
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Jacquelyn Christy · 2 years ago
Hi. My name is Jackie Christy and I am from Southern California. I am currently in Educational Doctoral program at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. I am employed as an elementary school principal at a small Title 1 school here in Orange County.

My dissertation interest is on the effects of students with emotion dysregulation on teacher efficacy and health and well being in the general education classroom. However, I have recently been working with a mentor at a local college and have become quite interested in student engagement in online learning. For this reason, the Community of Inquiry theory is a concept I seek to learn more about.
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Eva Kaczko · 2 years ago
My name is Eva Kaczko, I am a university assistant and PhD candidate at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. I have a Master of Science degree in Business Education (a specific profession in German speaking countries). My dissertation is guided by the overarching question of how Learning Analytics can be applied in online courses in a pedagogically and didactically meaningful and ethically considered way. The online courses I will investigate are basically designed using the CoI framework.

Furthermore, I have just started working on a project at the university UMIT in Austria, which will investigate how the different CoI presences can be supported with real-time student and teacher dashboards. I will focus on the cognitive presence within the project from a didactic and pedagogical perspective. I am still looking for more detailed research questions for my dissertation and am currently reading the publications on cognitive presence listed on the websites and

Warm regards,
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Adam Neufield EdD · 2 years ago
Hi folks.

My name is Adam Neufield and I've just this year transitioned into a researcher/consultant role with an education group in China (Xiehe Education Group). I had previously held a leadership role (principal) at one of our international school campuses in Shanghai, and prior to that, have held a variety of educational roles (chemistry/general science teacher, director of marketing & admissions, university and careers guidance counsellor, head of school) at international schools in Shanghai, China and Jakarta, Indonesia.

I obtained my doctorate at the University of Bath (UK) only recently (July 2019) and I am eager to dive into new research projects! Due to the COVID-19 situation here, our Chinese students have moved into a completely online education environment. Thus, my great interest in the CoI model and its applicability to analyzing their transition into an online education. I am very new to this model so I have much to learn! :)

It is great to meet all of you, and I look forward to learning and collaborating with you.
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Jen Laubscher · 2 years ago
My name is Jen Laubscher. I am an instructional designer in Central New York State. I have been an instructional designer for about 3 years, starting with positions at Cornell University and Johns Hopkins University. I am now employed at the State College of NY at Oswego. My major educational interests include engagement, community and rigorous interaction with content in online and blended courses, as well as providing exceptional faculty development through workshops, courses and consultations. I am a certified elementary teacher in NY, and made the move to higher education three years ago, after being in K-12 for 18 years.
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Zaheer · 2 years ago
I am Zaheer from Pakistan but right now living in Barcelona.
I have worked as director staff training (TVET teachers and principals) in Pakistan for five years. I have also worked as a researcher at Dokuz Elyul University, Izmir, Turkey; Aalto University, Helsinki; and the University of Helsinki, Finland. I have a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship Education. I was working as an Assistant Professor in Pakistan. I have supervised 40 master's thesis. Currently, 5 Ph.D. students are working under my supervision in special needs education, educational leadership, and management studies. I am on study leave from my Pakistani university.

I am currently working as a researcher in the department of ICT education in the University of Catalonia, Spain. I wish to develop the ICT based networks for the community of inquires development of the educationists for inclusive education, environmental change, and human rights.
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Joyce Kraus · 2 years ago
Hello, I am brand new to the CoI community and am a first-year doctoral student at the University of St. Thomas St. Paul, MN in the Doctor of Social Work program.
I am interested in using the CoI model in my dissertation work, to examine engaging a diverse student body in acclimating to the social work profession but, in particular, students from more rural, predominantly white communities. I believe the CoI model addresses the needed cultural aspects of engaging with differences that these students, specifically, will encounter.
Have you seen the CoI model used in this context in the past? Thank you in advance and I am very excited to have this site as a resource moving forward.
Joyce Kraus
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Karin Barac · 3 years ago

I'm currently doing a PhD investigation into the connection between pedagogy and technology in academic design and delivery practices from staff and student perspectives. I'm using CoI (and TPACK) for my analytic frameworks and have realised that while both frameworks include context as a component I can't seem to find much previous research in the realm of CoI......

I'm wondering if anyone here can point me to any research that look into the contextual influences that support/hinder the creation and facilitation of a community of inquiry?

Cheers, Karin
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Mari谩ngeles Castro S谩nchez · 3 years ago
Estimados, soy Mari谩ngeles Castro, profesora de la Universidad Austral, Argentina. Me encuentro trabajando en una investigaci贸n sobre compromiso acad茅mico en educaci贸n superior desde la percepci贸n de los estudiantes, enfocando en la dimensi贸n presencial social del modelo CoI.
Dirijo la carrera de Orientaci贸n Familiar, dictada en modalidad blended.
Encantada de participar en este foro y enriquecer nuestro estudio desde las diferentes perspectivas de abordaje de los colegas.
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Peter Shukie · 3 years ago
Hi, I am Peter Shukie and I work in Education Studies at a college-based Higher Education institute in the UK. I completed a PhD at Lancaster University in Technology Enhanced Learning and e-research and I am interested in the ways we can use technology to promote and enable social justice. My work involves lecturing and the creation/ development of Community Open Online Courses ( I am attracted to the breadth of engagement offered by CoI and hope to learn more in the company of you all.
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Bernard Kimani · 4 years ago

I am currently a PhD candidate whose interests lie in Online Education, Distance LEarning, E-Learning, Blended LEarning, IT-enabled learning

Have been engaged in Higher Education teaching for the last 10 years. 4 years ago, i came across the CoI and am interested in how it could be tested in multiple contexts and learning environments to the end that we develop critical thinking, specifically in online education/e-learning.
Bernard, Africa International University, Kenya.
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Maria O'Donovan · 4 years ago
I am delighted to have found this community! Am especially interested in the Community of Inquiry model and especially in relation to MOOCs.

I am working as a Research Assistant at Aarhus University.
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Dr. Alexander Osondu Akpodiete · 4 years ago
Hello everyone. I am new in the community. I am an IT & Cyber Security Consultant, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Mediator & Conflict Coach, Educator & Trainer and certified Project Management Professional (PMP)庐, with a varied inter-disciplinary education and experience. Certifications include Information Security & Assurance, A+, Security+, certified PMP庐. I have taught law in the US and Nigeria. Currently, teaching IT courses here in the US.
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Chan Chang-Tik · 4 years ago
Hello everybody, I am a new member of the community. I would like to share my recent article on CoI and learning styles. It is published in the Interactive Learning Environments Journal (

I welcome comments from the learned community.

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Elahe Solimani · 4 years ago
Hello everybody. I am an EFL teacher and I've been teaching English in an EFL context for about 10 years.
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Rick Henderson · 4 years ago
Hello everyone! I am a part-time faculty member at Wilfrid Laurier University where I've been teaching computer concepts and applications (computer literacy) as well as Excel VBA programming for over 16 years.

I'm making a move into education training or educational technology but I enjoy participating in the scholarship of teaching and learning and helping faculty members do a better job at reaching their students.
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Norm Vaughan · 4 years ago

Welcome to the CoI Blog Community!!

Great to hear about your interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

Do you have any previous experience using the CoI framework in your teaching practice?

All the best, Norm Vaughan
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Martha Cleveland-Innes · 4 years ago
Hi Rick!

Welcome to our multi-authored blog! Please share your views on the topics raised here. We'd also like to hear more about what you are doing to help "faculty members do a better job at reaching their students."

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