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Ibrahim Garba
ORGANIZATIONLiverpool University;King Abdulaziz University
PROFESSIONe-Learning coordinator
COUNTRYUnited Kingdom

I am an educator currently working in Saudi Arabia. I have been writing my thesis which to a great extent relies on the CoI framework. I train Faculty Staff to use e-learning tools. So, it's a natural progression for me to get involved with ways to encourage transformational learning at the student, teacher, dept, and wider community levels. It's fun, a lot of work, and I love it!

action research, change management, organizational learning, community of practice, community of inquiry, higher education

Graham Lean
Joined September 21, 2023

Joined September 18, 2023
College English teacher, Hengshui University, Hebei Province, China

Jennifer Spiegel
Joined September 9, 2023
Instructor, University Canada West
Jennifer Spiegel has enjoyed teaching English for Academic Purposes and English Literature in various contexts for over twenty years. In

Stephanie Howell
Joined August 28, 2023
Gold EDu

Oyesola Oluwakemi
Joined August 27, 2023
universite Cote d'Azur, Nice
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