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Ibrahim Garba
ORGANIZATIONLiverpool University;King Abdulaziz University
PROFESSIONe-Learning coordinator
COUNTRYUnited Kingdom

I am an educator currently working in Saudi Arabia. I have been writing my thesis which to a great extent relies on the CoI framework. I train Faculty Staff to use e-learning tools. So, it's a natural progression for me to get involved with ways to encourage transformational learning at the student, teacher, dept, and wider community levels. It's fun, a lot of work, and I love it!

action research, change management, organizational learning, community of practice, community of inquiry, higher education

Bhekimpilo Manuel
Joined March 20, 2023
Transaction Monitoring Analyst, send money home
A young vibrant aspiring Economist who seeks to improve in every aspect and grow and bring much positivity to the locals and the world as a

Dênia Falcão de Bittencourt
Joined March 19, 2023
Teacher research, IPE - empresa Hub DNA USP

Joined March 19, 2023
Data Analyst, Great Zimbabwe University

Bamidele Victor Ayodele
Joined March 17, 2023
UTP Malaysia

Mutlu Şen-Akbulut
Joined March 17, 2023
Assistant Professor, Boğaziçi University
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