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Ibrahim Garba
ORGANIZATIONLiverpool University;King Abdulaziz University
PROFESSIONe-Learning coordinator
COUNTRYUnited Kingdom

I am an educator currently working in Saudi Arabia. I have been writing my thesis which to a great extent relies on the CoI framework. I train Faculty Staff to use e-learning tools. So, it's a natural progression for me to get involved with ways to encourage transformational learning at the student, teacher, dept, and wider community levels. It's fun, a lot of work, and I love it!

action research, change management, organizational learning, community of practice, community of inquiry, higher education

Patrick Lay
Joined November 22, 2022
Grand Canyon University

Joined November 22, 2022
Kahramanmaraş İstiklal Üniversitesi

Gemma Mitchelson
Joined November 22, 2022
Newcastle University

David Wicks
Joined November 10, 2022
Associate Professor, Chair of Digital Education Leadership, Seattle Pacific University
Dr. David A. Wicks is an Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Chair of the Digital Education Leadership program in the

Stefan Overton
Joined November 8, 2022
Senior Lecturer, Arden University
Senior Lecturer of Foundation Year studies at Arden University, PhD researcher at University of
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