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Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier
ORGANIZATIONYorkville University
PROFESSIONAssociate Dean (Research) | Chair, Adult Education

Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier, B.A., B.Ed., B.B.A., M.Ad.Ed., Ph.D.
Wendy is an award-winning educator, instructional designer, and researcher with over 30 years’ experience in K–12, post-secondary, and adult learning classrooms. Central to her work is achieving and facilitating sound teaching pedagogy, including ways Universal Design for Learning principles, culturally-responsive pedagogy, and technologies can be used in face-to-face and online classrooms to promote collaborative, safe learning for students of diverse ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Wendy graduated in 2016 from the University of South Australia after completing doctoral work that involved participatory action research to explore instructors’ pedagogical concerns and impacts to academic identity in online spaces. Wendy is faculty member within Yorkville University's Faculty of Education, where she also is the Associate Dean (Research); Chair, Adult Education; and Vice Chair, YU/TFS Research Ethics Board. She is also a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society's Nova Scotia Cahpter, where she is chair of the Professional Development committee. Wendy's consultant work includes supporting community-driven literacy projects, curriculum writing and instructional design, capacity-building, and program and project evaluation.

adult literacy, coi, community capacity-building, evaluation, participatory action research, udl

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Département of Gironde at Bordeaux (similar to a County)
Born in the South of Bordeaux, France, I have studied linguistics, philosophy and management and got a PhD in Communication study (

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Distance Learning Specialist (Instructional Designer), University of Guelph

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