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Vesa Paajanen
ORGANIZATIONUniversity of Eastern Finland
PROFESSIONSenior lecturer, Facilitator of online and blended learning

Lecturer of Animal Physiology since 2006
Attached in pedagogical development and learning analytics 2016 when I turned all my teaching toward online & blended methods (Flipped classroom).

learning analytics

Josey De Rossi
Joined December 1, 2023
Fantastic Learning Systems

norbert kiprop boruett
Joined November 12, 2023
amref international universtiy

Rita Barrera
Joined November 9, 2023
University of the Pacific

Tove Kvarnmalm Kjellberg
Joined November 9, 2023
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Paige Holmes
Joined November 9, 2023
Instructional designer, TSU and EdD student at Union University, Union University
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