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Evelien Verschroeven
ORGANIZATIONInnovation OIC/ Thomas More University of Applied Sciences
PROFESSIONfounder/ teacher

I like to integrate my anthropological background within my business knowledge and tech curiosity. Tolerance, open-mindedness and respect are important values for me.
I have an expertise of more than 20 years in training, education, and coaching. I worked with different target groups, but the main topics are intercultural competencies, business, and entrepreneurship. I have experience in different multicultural teams, on and offline. In 2021 I designed a COIL ( Collaborative online international course) about intercultural communication, with students from Europe, Africa, and Asia. I design and develop new (digital) educational methods and tools, with strong attention to the building of collective knowledge (communities). I have an extended international network within the edtech ecosystem.
I’m a cognitive person and I love wondering and wandering, that reflection you can find on my blog

Skills & Expertise
1. Insights and management of learning communities & ecosystems
2. Educational design
3. Intercultural communication
4. Mentoring & facilitator

Wisdom only arises when we combine knowledge with experience through interaction. Let that be my way to trigger us toward growth and innovation.

learning communities relational cognition transdisciplinary team, knowledge creation

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