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ORGANIZATIONDépartement of Gironde at Bordeaux (similar to a County)

Born in the South of Bordeaux, France, I have studied linguistics, philosophy and management and got a PhD in Communication study ( University Bordeaux Montaigne - 2001).
My dissertation relies on personalist and pragmatist approaches from Europe and USA and shows that they can be translated, experimented and valuated as tools for activating “potentials of development”. Potentials can be activated in the fields of : social development (jobs and ways of living), organizational development (multi-factors performances) and, what is called in France : territorial development ( coordination of the endeavors of : individuals, communities, businesses, and local authorities looking for ways of improving the use of resources and the ways of living in the limits of a precise local area ).
I became in 2018 an internal researcher for Département (County) of Gironde improving a web-based learning and development system helping professionals in Gironde designing and improving the cultural and creative activities and businesses they promote :
In the continuation of my PhD that was mainly focused on John Dewey’s works, I use a Community of Inquiry framework in the context of the management and improvement of PLACE :

philosophical foundations of methods, john dewey, learning for development

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