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Professional Learning Opportunities
Jesse Ireland · opened 1 year ago
Hello Everyone,

I help lead professional development for online learning and using our LMS (Canvas) at our K - 12 school district. We have two schools that are fully online and use Canvas to provide instruction to students. Previously we have gone over with them the facets of the Community of Inquiry Framework but was wondering if there were seminars, online courses, or other professional learning opportunities that we could direct them towards for a deeper dive into the framework. Any resources, suggestions, or thoughts others have would be greatly appreciated.
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Stefan Stenbom · 1 year ago
Dear Jesse,

Thank you for your question.

As a matter of fact, we hope that this website will become one of those resources in the future. Also, the Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University will offer a new MOOC about CoI next March, which I think may be of interest to you. For more info, please visit

Also, we are currently writing a new book for CoI practitioners about designing and delivering courses that will likely be available early next year. When the book is closer to publication, we will post more information on the website.

I hope that this helps you further!

Jesse Ireland · 1 year ago
Hi Stefan,

That information was very helpful. I took a look at the course you mentioned and I think that will be a great resource. I was wondering if the course would be available after the April date or it would be closed off? We will have new teachers that will be need be onboarded past that date and was thinking this would be a good resource for them as well.

For those who take the course will there be resources or reference docs that they could use / download as they take the course?

Are there short (30 minutes or less) good videos out there that provide an introduction to the framework?

Thanks for your time and insights. I can't wait for the book.
Dan Wilton · 1 year ago
Your teachers are welcome to register in DCOI up to the final day of the MOOC, April 15, 2023. After that date, however, registration will be closed.

The MOOC will have a weekly schedule of topics, but the materials and discussions from earlier weeks remain open, and late arrivals can catch up. Anyone who registers by April 15 will also have read-only access to the materials after that date - so if you can get your teachers to register by then, they will at least have that read-only access.

Although the specific readings and other materials are still being finalized, the focus will be on open access materials available for download and sharing.


Marije Lesterhuis on The CoI Community
3 days ago
Hey all, I am an assistant professor at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. I am interested in the framework, as my PhD student in Kenya is using it in his PhD research. He is looking into online and blended learning. We've found already some work within medical education, but have not found much ...

D. Randy Garrison on Cognitive Presence Update
7 months ago
The easy answer is that they cannot be easily separated; they overlap in the Venn diagram. According to the diagram and theory, each can have differing influence on the educational experience (dependent variable however it is defined). Off the top I suppose that the correlation among the presences will depend on the ...

FA Triatmoko HS on Cognitive Presence Update
7 months ago
Do you think that the 3 elements of CoI need to be explained in model which explain the correlation or causality? For examples, whether CP is as a dependent variable for TP and SP. Or is it that CP, TP and SP cannot be separated in ...

FA Triatmoko HS on CoI Effectiveness and Future Development
7 months ago
Will try to look into this. Thank you for the suggestion.

D. Randy Garrison on CoI Effectiveness and Future Development
7 months ago
Perhaps use other examples of indicators from the CoI elements? To be more specific i would suggest using the questionnaire items to begin to generate corresponding indicators. Conversely we used indicators from each of the three elements to help generate CoI questionnaire ...

FA Triatmoko HS on CoI Effectiveness and Future Development
8 months ago
Thank you for your response. Do you have any suggestions on where to start?

D. Randy Garrison on The CoI Community
8 months ago
Hi Audrey, Although I had researched self-directed/regulated learning early in my career, it was a research project by another scholar that suggested integrating a self-directed learning element into the CoI framework that precipitated our work on self and co-regulation. I found a couple of fundamental issues with ...

D. Randy Garrison on CoI Effectiveness and Future Development
8 months ago
Good point. I would strongly encourage you to take this on. I would be pleased to contribute where I can but I am retired and not in a position to initiate such a task. DRG

Audrey on The CoI Community
8 months ago
I'm interested in the evolution of the framework and the changes it's undergone from its first inception in 2000 to how it was illustrated in the third edition of E-Learning in the 21st Century (2017). Specifically the addition of the outermost circle and the shift from "selected content" to "regulated learning". Are ...

FA Triatmoko HS on CoI Effectiveness and Future Development
8 months ago
What tools do you suggest if we want to qualitatively know about the dynamics of shared metacognition? Compared with the CoI construct, it didn't have any indicators yet.
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