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Professional Learning Opportunities
Jesse Ireland · opened 11 months ago
Hello Everyone,

I help lead professional development for online learning and using our LMS (Canvas) at our K - 12 school district. We have two schools that are fully online and use Canvas to provide instruction to students. Previously we have gone over with them the facets of the Community of Inquiry Framework but was wondering if there were seminars, online courses, or other professional learning opportunities that we could direct them towards for a deeper dive into the framework. Any resources, suggestions, or thoughts others have would be greatly appreciated.
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Stefan Stenbom · 11 months ago
Dear Jesse,

Thank you for your question.

As a matter of fact, we hope that this website will become one of those resources in the future. Also, the Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University will offer a new MOOC about CoI next March, which I think may be of interest to you. For more info, please visit

Also, we are currently writing a new book for CoI practitioners about designing and delivering courses that will likely be available early next year. When the book is closer to publication, we will post more information on the website.

I hope that this helps you further!

Jesse Ireland · 11 months ago
Hi Stefan,

That information was very helpful. I took a look at the course you mentioned and I think that will be a great resource. I was wondering if the course would be available after the April date or it would be closed off? We will have new teachers that will be need be onboarded past that date and was thinking this would be a good resource for them as well.

For those who take the course will there be resources or reference docs that they could use / download as they take the course?

Are there short (30 minutes or less) good videos out there that provide an introduction to the framework?

Thanks for your time and insights. I can't wait for the book.
Dan Wilton · 11 months ago
Your teachers are welcome to register in DCOI up to the final day of the MOOC, April 15, 2023. After that date, however, registration will be closed.

The MOOC will have a weekly schedule of topics, but the materials and discussions from earlier weeks remain open, and late arrivals can catch up. Anyone who registers by April 15 will also have read-only access to the materials after that date - so if you can get your teachers to register by then, they will at least have that read-only access.

Although the specific readings and other materials are still being finalized, the focus will be on open access materials available for download and sharing.


Jane Howley on The CoI Community
3 months ago
My name is Jane Howley and I have been working in education since 1994 when I started teaching EFL in Salvador Brazil. Currently I am doing a Masters Degree with the Open University in Online Teaching and working on a collaborative piece of research to make field trips more ...

Marcy McCarty on The CoI Community
4 months ago
Hello Dan! Many thanks for addressing my question! When I am done, I would be happy to share! Thank you! Marcy

Dan Wilton on The CoI Community
4 months ago
Welcome to the CoI community, Marcy! Wherever possible, we've put resources under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license, which allows you use, for example, the CoI framework diagram or the CoI Survey in your work as long as its attributed back to this website and any modifications noted. You'll find downloadable ...

Marcy McCarty on The CoI Community
4 months ago
Greetings! My name is Marcy McCarty. I am the associate dean for the school of graduate and professional studies at a small private college where all programs are online. I am completing my doctorate degree in performance improvement leadership, focusing my research on the quality of faculty engagement in the online ...

Lora B. Pezzell on The CoI Community
5 months ago
Hello, my name is Lora Pezzell, M.A., M.S., I am an instructional designer at the University of Central Oklahoma. We use the COI framework when we are training our faculty about how to teach courses online. I find it is a very helpful ...

DEVINE MURERI on The CoI Community
6 months ago
Hie Fellow. I am Devine Mureri From Zimbabwe . I am Studying BCOM HONS (FINANCIAL DEGREE) at Great Zimbabwe University so , i am interested in taking some of the Survey's at my school under your influence. ...

Kathleen Norris PhD on The CoI Community
6 months ago
Hello, My name is Kathleen Norris. I retired as an elementary school principal three years ago after 40 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and professional development manager. I am currently a contributing faculty member at Walden University. I recently worked with a team to build an online community of ...

Gemma Mitchelson on The CoI Community
6 months ago
Thank you so much Dan. I will certainly do so :)

Dan Wilton on The CoI Community
7 months ago
Welcome to the CoI community, Gemma! While others will be able to give more detailed guidance than I on the Shared Metacognition Questionnaire, Vaughan and Wah (2022 - linked below) describes one implementation. It's a 5-point Likert scale (1=strongly disagree; 5=strongly agree), shown in Appendix A. But Shared ...

Gemma Mitchelson on The CoI Community
7 months ago
Hello everyone My name is Gemma and I am studying a Doctorate in Education. I am really keen to use the Shared Metacognition Questionnaire as one tool for gathering data but I cannot find any information on how to implement it? Is a 6-point likert scale used and if so, what are the measurements used e.g. strongly ...
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