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Humanizing blended learning: Perspectives on learning collaboratively in a pandemic
Vaughan, Norman

Book titleO admirável mundo novo: Educação superiorem ambientes híbridos
PublisherUniversity of Coimbra
Published atPortugal
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Blended learning and shared metacognition: What’s the connection?
Vaughan, Norman
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The community of inquiry framework: Future directions in the Covid-19 era
Vaughan, Norman
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Blended learning revisited
Vaughan, Norman
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Dual Perspectives on the Contribution of On-Site Facilitators to Teaching Presence in a Blended Learning Environment
de la Varre, Claire; Keane, Julie; Irvin, Matthew J.
This study examines online instructors’ views of on-site facilitators’ practices and activities that help high school students taking online courses. A qualitative analysis of end-of-course interview data with ...
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Thinking Collaboratively
Garrison, D. Randy
Thinking Collaboratively is a theoretical and practical guide to thinking and learning in deep and meaningful ways within purposeful communities of inquiry. Critical thinking has long been recognized as an important ...
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A Community of Inquiry lens into nursing education: The educators' experiences and perspectives from three Australian universities
Smadi, Omar; Chamberlain, Diane; Shifaza, Fathimath; Hamiduzzaman, Mohammad
Aim Nursing is a social and collaborative profession; therefore, nursing education requires a pedagogy that supports the establishment of a collaborative learning community. Despite the limited use of the Community of ...
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